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Surfers have been riding waves in the Pacific Ocean for over 2000 years; it was not until Captain Cook visited Hawaii in the 17th Century and recorded the activities of the Hawaiian Royalty that people outside the region became aware of the sport. Because of Captain Cook's historical reports and partly due to the quality and quantity of the surf, Hawaii is considered to be the 'spiritual home' of surfing and has some of the biggest and best waves in the world.

Cornwall may not have the same climate as Hawaii, but we do have plenty of surf and many dedicated surfers at surfing beaches around the peninsular. Surfing is considered to be a lifestyle sport where the perception of surfers riding waves in clear blue seas and warm sunshine are very real. Relaxing in an environment where you can spend the day on the beach surrounded by your family and friends, what could be better.

To become a proficient surfer may take many years; however a great deal of enjoyment can be had by people of all ages and abilities right from their first lesson. Safety in the surfing environment is very important  the ocean needs to be understood and respected at all times because of its power. So it is strongly advised that you never surf alone and always surf in the designated areas with lifeguard supervision when you are starting out.

Surfing GB

Surfing GB aims to provide all Surfers and all those who have an interest in Surfing with support, advice and opportunity and is working to become the National Governing Body (NGB) for Surfing in Great Britain. Whatever your interest, the NGB has a role to play: We are here to support individual surfers trying to find information about their local break, we are here to support our Surf Schools and Coaches, the front-line professionals that depend for their livelihoods on Surfing; we are here to represent all surfers at Government level, as a stakeholder group in Marine and Coastal policy.

We want to see British Surfing back in the international arena as a force to be reckoned with across all disciplines. If you want to see British Surfing back on the Global map, and if you want your NGB to deliver the service and support, we need your support. Please visit our website to join and check out the tons of groovy membership benefits and a spanking new insurance policy so it will come back to you in lots of perfect waves. Your support will give us the resources we need to work for you!