SLA & Safeguarding

The Sportivate Year 7 programme is part of the Government's new sporting strategy, 'Towards an Active Nation' and particularly focusing on tackling inactivity to increase regular participation in sport.

The Sportivate workstrand will provide a range of attractive and sustainable opportunities, based on the need following consultations and local insight, for inactive young people aged 11 to 25. The workstrand will implement precise plans targeting young people that are generated by the Cornwall Sports Partnerships (CSP) working at a local level in partnership with community providers.

The CSP will be accountable for the delivery of Sportivate. Their major role will be to undertake a planning and implementation process that will join up and integrate delivery for young people across both sporting and wider 'positive activities' agendas. A critical role for the CSP will be to identify community providers that offer high quality and sustainable activities for young people.

Please complete the details below for the Service Level Agreement and Minimum Safeguarding Statement.

Service Level Agreement


and shall commence to the end of March 2018 or until the project is complete along with all the required monitoring and evaluation.



A.    Cornwall Sports Partnership - Known as the CSP

    - Known as the Sports Provider.


Appointment and Duration

The CSP hereby agrees to appoint the Sports Provider to deliver a Sportivate programme as part of the CSPs Sportivate Delivery Plan.

The Sports Provider agrees to deliver the following programme of activity:

The programme will run for 6 weeks and will be delivered at:



Please click here to download a full copy of the Service Level Agreement and ensure you read through them thoroughly.



Minimum Safeguarding Standards

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Have a Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy endorsed by an NGB, LA, or relevant organisation that is shared with all stakeholders and it is clear when this policy was adopted and when it will be reviewed.



Be clear in the event of a safeguarding issue whose policy would apply and who should be informed.



Clear Disciplinary, Concerns, Allegations and Complaints Procedures.



Nominated Child Welfare Officer who has a clear job description and attended a minimum 3 hours safeguarding training.



Recruitment and selection procedures that include Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for all people working with children.



Codes of conducts for staff, coaches, volunteers and participants.



Clear Operating Standards and processes for holding and sharing information.



All individuals working with children adhere to the Minimum Standards for Deployment of Sports Coaches.



An individual is always on site with a recognised first aid qualification.



Signed for and on behalf of the Sports Provider: