Planning & Impact Assessment

Time2Move Audit and Planning
As part of the conditions of grant  schools are required to keep parents informed and publish plans for deployment of premium funding on their website by April of each academic year. Schools will also be expected to track pupils to be able to show what improvements have been made and evidence the impact of the sport premium.

Planning for sport premium deployment should be based on annual self-review. To support schools with this process, audit and planning/reporting templates have been produced set against the ambitions and characteristics of excellence outlined in the Time2Move framework.

YST Self Review Tool
The Youth Sport Trust have developed a simple and easy to use self-review matrix focused around a range of key questions that relate to various elements of PE and school sport delivery. The tool aims to help schools evaluate their current provision and identify priorities for future development.

Me & My Lifestyle
Me and my lifestyle is a unique on-line student based survey that provides schools with direct insight relating to student beliefs, opinions and activity patterns relating to PE, school sport and health. It is fully compatible with SIMS allowing data to be filtered by various target groups including; SEN, FSM, G&T.

Cornwall Sports Partnership has negotiated a special subsidised licence fee for all Cornish schools with the aspiration to introduce into every school in the county as the standard tool for planning and impact assessment.


Quality Marks


SGsQualitySchool Games quality mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Schools in England are able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels of the quality mark.


YSTYouth Sport Trust quality mark is an on-line self review tool that helps member schools audit their PE provision and identify priorities for development. Schools achieving the excellent rating will receive the Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark to signify outstanding practice.


afpeQuality Association of Physical Education quality mark is a detailed self-review application based award that includes a validation visit by an afPE approved validator. Submissions are evaluated four times a year and quality marked schools receive a range of benefits.