Ambition 1 - Curriculum Delivery


Physical Literacy, FUNdamentals of Movement & Multi Skills - The foundation and arguably the most important element of any programme is the development of physical literacy. At the early stages pupils are developing the fundamentals of movement; Agility, Balance and Co-ordination whislst establishing the basic movement patterns of running, jumping and throwing.


Athletics, Gymnastics & Dance- Generic activities and specifically adapted forms of athletics, gymnastics and dance can provide learners with appropriate opportunities to develop these competencies as well as their expressive and creative abilities.

                                                         Learn to Swim- Learning to swim is a key aspect of the new curriculum and particularly relevant for Cornwall given the number of water sport opportunities on offer. As well as fitness and safety, swimming also helps to develop fundamental coordination competencies that can underpin and support the development of some of the land-based movements in other activities.

Games - As these basic movement competencies are acquired and mastered they can be further developed using generic games initially and then applied through a range of more specific but adapted sports. 

A balanced curriculum will introduce the fundamentals followed by the progressive development of Target, Combat, Striking/Fielding, Net/Wall, and Invasion games. These provide the building blocks to practice and establish increasingly complex movement abilities as well as decision making, problem solving, teamwork and analytical skills.

Outdoor & Adventure Education- Outdoor education introduces young people to a wide range of experiences which will enrich their future lives, and develop the skills and knowledge essential for safe participation. Outdoor education contributes greatly to health and fitness and continuing participation in outdoor pursuits encourages the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle .

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