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What are satellite sports clubs?

The satellite programme is funded by Sport England, bridging the gap between after school and community sports and also utilising the skills and experience within sports clubs.


What is the Girls Active Project?

Girls Active supports schools to understand what motivates girls to take part in physical activity. It enables teachers to work with the girls - through consultation and leadership - to make the necessary changes to their physical education (PE), sport and physical activity provision.


Our aims

The programme running from 2017-2019 in Cornwall aims to impact on the emotional health and resilience of young people aged 14-18.  We are aiming to reach out and support 715 young people who are at risk of mental health disorders and developing the resilience of these young people. We aim to achieve this by sustaining 31 clubs whilst working in partnership with HeadStart Kernow.

Watch this short film about Fowey River Academy

What are the benefits?

For clubs...

  • Continuation of existing clubs and therefore continued links with trusted individuals
  • Improve community engagement
  • Deliver direct interventions aimed at building self-esteem, self-confidence and ability to work with others

For schools and colleges...

  • Provide out of school hours provision as an extra offer for young people
  • Identify individuals who would benefit most from the proposed satellite club programme
  • Reduce the chance of drop-off from activity during the transition from primary to secondary school, limiting the disruption to friendship groups and declining body confidence affecting girls' participation in PE and sport

More information

If you are interested in knowing more about these projects, please get in touch with the relevant officer below:

Amelya Lyndsay - Girls Active Co-ordinator: / 01872 322411

Lewis Sanders - Satallite Club Co-ordinator: / 01872 323335