In these times of financial instability and restricted public-funding the usual reaction is for organisations to reduce 'non-statutory' or 'back-office' budgets such as research. But this is increasingly believed to be a false economy.

Using resources more efficiently or increasing your revenues can be alternatives but in order to do this most effectively you must base your decision-making on a robust and valid evidence base.

Whether you represent a public body, such as a School or Local Authority department, a National Governing Body or Community Sports Club or if you're a private Leisure provider, knowledge of your market and their demands can reduce wasted resources, increase participation or grow your membership.

The Cornwall Sports Partnership has a proven track record of providing Sports and Physical Activity related research solutions and evidence for itself and a range of partners over the last 6 years

Basing the decisions you make on trusted evidence is more important now than it has ever been and is one of the most cost-effective investments you could make.

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