Amelya's Story


Amelya has always been an active person and after her baby daughter was born she was determined to lose the baby weight, which lead her into the fitness industry after completing a sports science degree. Amelya is passionate about inspiring other females to get active and has recently become a kickboxing instructor running female only sessions hoping to help empower other ladies and spark the love for fitness.

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"I've always been an active person but haven't participated in competitive sports or considered myself overly active. After my daughter was born I had to change my diet due to her allergies and became aware of nutrition.

I was determined to stay healthy and lose the 'baby weight'. Arriving to UK in 2004 I didn't know English but managed to secure myself a part-time cleaning job and enrolled in Truro College to learn the language.

I also suffer Ménière's   Disease as a result of which I never learned to drive and often even travelling on the bus would trigger the symptoms, which left me with not much choice but to walk or cycle everywhere. This kept me relatively fit and soon enough I started enjoying running, yoga and Zumba classes.

It wasn't my own idea to get into fitness and I didn't consider a career in industry as there was an obvious language barrier and I was always a bit shy. Despite knowing English enough to get by in day by day situation I had literally no vocabulary in regards to fitness, names of exercises etc, so I never even considered it until a bunch of friends (other mums) pointed it out to me that I was becoming something of an inspiration to them:  finding time and enjoying activities as well as holding a job and being a lone parent. I started to believe that perhaps I do have a right attitude and decided to explore the options.

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I have since completed a Sport Science Degree and became fitness instructor and a coach. I've realised there is so much more than running and that the fitness is for everyone, despite the age, gender or abilities.

After leaving university I have been offered a job in local college as a Sport Activator and during my career there the participation numbers increased by 150%  which made me believe that whatever my friends could see in me all these years ago was actually there and that I do have ability to motivate others.

Despite the MD I also managed to gain exercise to music qualification, which is one of my biggest personal achievements due to the difficulties with balance and coordination caused by the illness.

My daughter didn't share my passion for fitness and I decided that we both join MMA classes and together try something out of our comfort zone. She not only loves it now but she also assist to run the sessions for younger students. I am now a Kickboxing instructor and run female only sessions hoping to help and empower other ladies and spark the love for fitness."